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Weight Loss Triumph is a news blog that publishes the latest findings in the field of nutrition, weight loss, diets, and fitness. It is a collaboration between the health experts and talented writers mentioned below.

Aileen Meyers holds a BS degree in Kinesiology from the College of William and Mary.  She is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and owns Mad Mamas Boot camp, an outdoor fitness boot camp for women.  She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but currently resides in San Diego, CA.

Matthew Nelder obtained his B.Sc (Honors) in Biochemistry and Nutrition from Memorial University of Newfoundland where he also took part in some pharmaceutical research. He is currently a personal trainer and nutritionist for the largest health and fitness franchise in Canada. Matthew is an avid basketball fan and has been his entire life, he continues to play and coach every opportunity he gets. He believes resiliance and education are the keys to success. Matthew was born in Newfoundland, Canada and currently resides there.

A biomedical scientist by training, Matengo, a Zain Africa Challenge Scholar and a Duke of Edinburgh Award holder, is a versatile writer with a passion for literature that is only rivaled by the love of the outdoors.

Though not exactly a weightlifter, Matengo regularly hits the gym to keep fit, and from his experience he can say this about exercises; aerobics are far more effective than weight lifting in keeping the whole body toned and fit.

His current areas of interest in medical research include comparative studies of substances in khat (Catha edulis) and “muguka”, substances known/believed to have amphetamine-like compounds. That and the creation of a CO/CO2 filter that can be retrofitted onto the exhaust pipe of vehicles to reduce pollution.

Kelli Cooper is a writer who has covered a range of topics from social media to alternative medicine. As someone who spends copious amounts of time online, she has learned a thing or two about using blogging and using social media effectively. Her dream of traveling the world prompted her writing career and she is grateful to be able to make money anywhere she can grab an interent connection.

Matthew is a biologist. Matthew is particularly interested in the field of obesity and the ongoing research on obesity treatment.  He believes that proper education as well as emotional fitness can help people achieve a better health. He enjoys writing articles based on latest scientific papers (like this one) and enjoys posting them on Weight Loss Triumph, a website that aspires to provide solid information from credible sources on weight loss topics.

Disclosure: We review and test many products on this site. Nobody pays us to review their product. However, if you end up purchasing one of these products we sometimes receive a small fee from the merchant. This helps to keep the site maintained and running.

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