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Best Running Apps - Why You Need One Right Now

We all have our own motivations for running. My mother used to ask me and fellow runners, ‘what are you running away from?’

It’s not something that I can explain to non-runners, but I can say that we all, those of us who run, would like to run better, faster, and reduce the risk of injury.

And that’s why I’m telling you, as a fellow runner, that you need a running app for your android or iPhone right now. A good motivator to expand your current running workout routine or to get started; check out these top apps for runners to see what you’re missing out on!

Couch to 5k

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Weider Power Tower Review

I’m always sceptical when it comes to power towers. The premise is great; one station where you can get an intense, upper body workout. The reality, however, in my experience, is that power towers are usually flimsy, poorly built and uncomfortable to use.

I purchased a power tower many years ago, convinced that the investment was a great way to save money in the long run. After all, as long as I went running and did my work on the power tower, I was getting a complete, full body workout.

It didn’t quite pan out like this.

I ended up giving the power tower away to a friend as it was so uncomfortable to use and, given that I weighed over 100kg at the time, the machine struggled to take my weight.

Over a decade has now passed since I ditched my power tower and, given that money is a little tight at the moment, and gym memberships are soaring at an astonishing rate, I’m beginning to entertain the idea of purchasing another power tower.

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Fight Teenage Anxiety with Healthy Fats

teenage anxietyOlder adults may tend to disagree, but teenagers today are under a great deal of pressure. College admission requirements continue to increase, along with the cost of tuition. State-mandated school tests are also on the rise, as are educational requirements. Teenagers engaged in school activities find themselves in very competitive situations, and often outside help in the form of lessons, extra practices and tutors is required to keep pace. There are also the social pressures of just trying to fit in. All of these stressors can leave teenagers feeling overwhelmed and result in high anxiety and nervousness.

Recent studies, however, indicate that at least part of teenage angst can be blamed on diets lacking in Omega-3.

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A Big Breakfast Results in More Weight Loss Than a Big Lunch, Study Finds

The old adage—breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper—wasn’t popular without a reason. We now have researches to prove it true. A hearty breakfast comes with a host of health benefits. The ones who are aspiring to lose weight should pay special attention, as a breakfast sufficiently rich in carbohydrates and fats has been especially favourably associated with weight loss. Other than weight loss, a good breakfast helps you balance your overall health, be more productive throughout the day, and stay in a happier mood than if you have a skimpy first meal of the day.

Why Breakfast is Important

It is commonly accepted that diet, rather than physical activity, has the major impact in a weight loss program. Losing weight is only worth it if done in the right way and without compromising on the other dimensions of our health. However, it seems that is not only WHAT we eat but WHEN we eat too that affects the metabolism of the body. A detailed research in the area has been done by a researcher at Tel Aviv University.

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How To Stay Fit & Lose Weight When You Have An Office Job

Many working professionals spend the whole day sitting down, staring at the computer screen. These circumstances are blatantly unhealthy for our minds and bodies. Sedentary jobs and lifestyles contribute considerably to accelerating obesity rates, as demonstrated by a University of Chicago study that pointed to sedentary careers as the source of 3.3 more Body Mass Index(BMI) points. But don’t worry, you can still rise to the challenge of your less-than-active job and avoid weight gain and here’s how:

Move Your Body!

Move around the office and stretch; especially take the opportunity to get up for a brief walk when you’re waiting for something to load on your computer.

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Body Solid Head Harness Review

Neck strength is an important facet of any contact sport. I, personally, am a front row forward in rugby, and have also studied Jiu Jitsu, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both of these sports require a degree of neck strength and it is neck strength which improves your performance in both of these arenas.

As a front row forward, the pressure on my neck, from scrummaging, is palpable. Taking the weight of eight other opposition forwards puts huge amounts of undue stress on your neck and back, especially.

In terms of Jiu Jitsu, the world’s top Jiu Jitsu fighters spend hours each week, specifically trying to strengthen their neck. Once you’re in a choke hold, your technical skill often goes out of the window and your survival, in a fight, comes down to how strong your neck muscles are; the stronger they are, the more time you buy yourself to escape the choke.

There are a number of body weight exercises that I’ve always done to strengthen my neck, which have stood me in good stead, both in Jiu Jitsu and rugby. While these have some benefit, more resistance is required to develop real strength.

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Insanity: The Asylum - 30 Day Sports Training Workout DVD Review

There’s a difference between being fit and being match fit. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, this is an adage that has lost none of its truth.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know this frustration all too well. You can put hours of hard work in at the gym, go for as many runs as you like, but it’s somehow not quite the same as playing a match.

Photo: Scott Before and After Insanity Asylum 30-Day Program

Sure, you feel fitter, and in better all around shape, than you would if you hadn’t put the work in, but you still find yourself wishing that there was another training method, which would get you match fit, and help give you that edge over your opponents.

The problem for me always boils down to one thing, time.

Intermittent Diet Review

Vit Kashchuk has a strong background in mathematics.  He believes that the scientific concept of non-linearity can be applied to nutrition and losing weight.  Consequently, Vit has written a fat loss program called the ‘Intermittent Diet’.  The Intermittent Diet is a revolutionary technique that will undeniably help prevent obesity and reduce the likelihood of several life-threatening illnesses similar to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Mr Kashchuk claims that physiological processes that take place in the human body are non-linear.  He explains that programs designed to help us lose weight are able to exploit these non-linearities.  Nutrition plans normally tell us how much of our diet should contain macronutrients such as carbohydrate, protein and fat; they will also instruct us which foods to avoid.  

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Mobile Apps Aid Weight Loss for All Age Groups

Mobile technology exists for just about everything these days. As Apple would say, “There’s an app for that.” Mobile weight-loss apps are proliferating the app market—and consumers are readily adopting this technology as a means to help them reach their weight-loss goals. But can an app really help you lose weight? Studies suggest yes.

Mobile Apps and Online Support are More Affordable

weightbot tracking

It used to be that if you needed some external support to help you lose weight, hiring a one-on-one consultant was probably the best option. But these one-on-one services and consultations can hit the checkbook hard—leading to many struggling dieters going it on their own, and sometimes failing to reach their goals for health and wellness.

Today, mobile technology has changed all that. With apps available ranging from free to a few bucks, it’s easier than ever for dieters to monitor their caloric intake, keep track of pounds lost, estimate the calories burned with a variety of exercises and much more.

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Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD Review

I love the feeling you get after a long, hard workout. The endorphins have been released and you feel invincible. As I always workout at lunchtime, it’s a great feeling to go into the afternoon knowing that you’ve put some real hard work into improving your body.

If you’re anything like me, however, sometimes work or family commitments get in the way of your workout. No matter how well your weekly fitness regime is planned, every now and again something unexpected pops up and it leaves you short on time to train.

It’s on these occasions that you can do one of two things: Miss a session or modify it. If at all possible, I try to go for the latter. After all, getting in shape doesn’t always mean spending hours in the gym; it’s about how effectively you use your time. You can get great results in 20 minutes, if you know what you’re doing and you use your time effectively.

When I only have 20 minutes to exercise, I tend to opt for some form of circuit training. Circuits are an excellent means of mixing things up, they give you a great cardio workout and they help to develop good muscle tone.

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