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USPLab's OxyElite Pro Linked to Liver Failure

OxyElite Pro, a fat burning supplement used by people keen to lose weight as well as bodybuilders, has been found to have an apparent causal side-effect of acute non-viral hepatitis. This causal relationship had been observed in 2011, but it is the recent outbreak in hepatitis cases in Hawaii that has renewed focus on the supplement, which is produced by USPLabs LLC, a Dallas-based firm.

Usp Labs - OxyElite Pro

The initial outbreak in Hawaii involved 29 victims, of whom 11 were admitted for about a week. 2 people required liver transplants while a third person, who was ineligible for liver transplant because doctors found she had breast cancer, died in the course of treatment.

24 of these victims were found to have consumed OxyElite Pro prior to their health problems. As of last week, the number of people with hepatitis suspected to have been caused by the supplement had risen to 41 in Hawaii, following an analysis of all previous hospital admissions. There have also been such 7 cases reported outside Hawaii.

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Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

 The news of having diabetes is typically a rather tough pill to swallow.  It immediately causes quite a few long term complications, with those affected needing to have much more vigilance and lookout over the foods they consume, as well as the need to constantly monitor one’s self.

The Story

Although this metabolic disease is definitely treatable, a recent experiment performed by Kirt Tyson, an Arizona doctor, proves that through careful dieting, Type 1 diabetes can actually be reversed.  This claim comes from a patient Tyson studied very closely—himself.


Dr. Kirt Tyson is a very strong believer in naturopathy.  Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine, which, rather than advocating drugs as solutions to various problems, instead uses various techniques involving diet and exercise.  More commonly, it is known as a sort of “natural healing” process, with the Latin meaning of the word literally being “nature healing”.  Naturopathy has also been the subject of a fair amount of controversy over the years, with some researchers claiming that it was dangerous to believe in use of it as opposed to more “mainstream” or conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

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Prenatal Exposure to DDT Leads to Transgenerational Obesity

Obesity is not simply about eating a lot more than you expend and becoming fat from the excess energy stored as fat; it’s a far more subtle interaction between genetics and environment. But in the case of obesity, the exact genes that are responsible for bringing about the condition are dispersed and hard to spot. Thankfully, every year scientists get newer insights into the genetics behind obesity and the environmental factors that may trigger these genes.

Obesity in America

One such environmental exposure would be chemicals including pesticides, and one researcher conducted an experiment to determine whether dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) had such an effect. Much to his surprise, DDT increased the probability of developing obesity, but this occurred several generations after the first exposure.

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The Health Benefits Of Eating Fruit

Fruit is good for you, we all know that, but what difference does it really make to our health? Has anyone ever explained it properly? Understanding just how important it is to factor fruit into our daily diets is essential to keeping healthy and keeping our weight under control. Once you know why it's so important, you're far more likely to grab an apple next time your tummy rumbles.

Fruit Platter


Hydration is essential to our every day health. Being properly hydrated helps us feel alert, keeps our brains and vital organs functioning properly and keeps our skin healthy. A large percentage of fruit is made up of water and eating a few portions a day can go a long way to helping us stay hydrated and working at our best.

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Americans More Obese Than Previously Thought

Researchers and fitness professionals across the United States have been saying for years just how dangerous and detrimental to one’s health obesity can be.  In addition to making it harder for overweight individuals to perform basic everyday functions and exercises, heavier Americans have also been known to be at a much higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and various other diseases.

american beauty

Although there has been some recent news explaining that childhood obesity rates across the country have been dropping, albeit slowly, which is encouraging news, doctors and scientists are in agreement that the nation still has a long road ahead on its way to wellness.  Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that, despite this good news, “There is considerable need for improvement”.

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Exercise Improves Kids Academic Performance

I believe the main reason a lot of people get into exercise is to get the body into a decent state of health; apparently, the attempt to get our teens into proper physical health also improves their academics in many different ways.

A British study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows a direct correlation between regular engagement in physical activities and improved academic performance in subsequent years.

Exercise Class, Havana, Cuba

A Long Term Study Is Examined

Researchers from Strathclyde University, the University of Dundee, the University of Bristol and the University of Georgia took data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) to examine this relationship between physical activity and academic performance.

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Increasing Dietary Fiber Decreases Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Here is another reason to get into the habit of eating fiber-rich foods; they lower your probability of developing cardiovascular diseases.

What Are Fibers?

Fibers are the indigestible portions of plant foods. Fiber is a general term for different compounds, including pectin, cellulose, lignin, mucilage and gum.  Fibers can be found in vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains, but not in animal products.

5 Heart Healthy Diet Tips | Food for Healthy Heart | Cheap | Fast | Easy

Fibers can be water soluble or insoluble, and fibers exert different effects on the body. Fibers are often associated with facilitating bowel movements, but as you will come to see at the end of this article, there’s more to fibers.

According to a secondary analysis of data drawn from America’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), people who consumed more fibers in their diet had the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases drop by 7%.

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Housework May Not Be Sufficient To Confer The Full Benefits of Exercise

While doing household chores is certainly better than just sitting around in the house, a new study suggests that it may not be enough to help you meet your minimum exercise requirements.

150 minutes of moderate physical activity is the recommended minimum, but unfortunately, a greater deal of the population cannot satisfy this requirement. It is actually for this reason that domestic work started being suggested as a way of helping people meet their exercise quota.  DIYs, gardening, and other home improvement exercises were suggested to get largely sedentary people some avenue other than structured exercises to get their daily dose of exercise, and receive their attendant benefits.

Day 067 - Housework hero

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be entirely the case.

Some studies point to an ambivalent association between domestic physical activity and the probability of developing cardiovascular disease. A secondary analysis of data from 30 European nations also shows that when domestic physical activity is compared to leisure time physical activity, there is only a tenuous association between it and Body Mass Index.

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Joint Weight Loss Program More Effective Than Individual Effort

There’s this African proverb that rings true in many situations; if you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together. It is an aphorism that aptly illustrates the fact that humans achieve more when they do things in concert, not in isolation.

I know this for a fact because on the occasions that I go to the gym, I find it is easier to train with a gym partner rather than doing everything alone. Weights feel lighter for some reason, when you are being psyched by another person.  From my own experience, I know that the mere fact that the other person is watching out for me imbues me with strength, because I know if the weight overwhelms me, he will quickly step in and lift it off me. When training alone, I do not have such a safety cushion, and for that reason, I will always train with weights that can never truly test my strength.

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The importance of such teamwork has been further demonstrated by researchers drawn from the Baylor College of Medicine.

Weight Watchers vs. Individual Effort

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Color Coding Foods Improves the Selection of Healthier Alternatives

Evidence gathered by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital shows that properly color-coded food labels could play a significant role in ensuring people pick up healthier foods when shopping.

The data that corroborates this was taken from a 2010 study that involved the use of red, yellow and green food labels. Red labels were used for foods with little or no nutritional value, while yellow labels were used for foods with a moderate level of nutrients. The healthiest and most nutritious foods had green labels.

Most prepackaged food feature a table that display the nutritional composition of the packaged substance, and upon request, it is possible for you to get a breakdown of the nutritional composition of foods purchased in restaurants and other food outlets. For many people however, their lack of nutritional knowledge means that much of this information bears little significance on their food buying decision, hence the need for a simpler method to highlight the differences in nutritional composition.

Conducting the Study

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