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Food Choices at Fast-Food Chains Not Influenced by Mandatory Calorie Postings

Numbers do not lie.  When you step on a scale, the number shown is your weight.  Regardless of what you think it should be, the number is correct.  Now once you receive that information, it now becomes your turn to decide what to do.  Do those numbers influence you to take action to eat better and exercise more?  Or do you acknowledge the weight and continue with your same habits?

The numbers on the calorie charts posted at fast food chains do not lie also. The McDonald’s premium crispy chicken club sandwich packs on 670 calories and the chocolate shake is 550 calories. Once you see the calories, what do you do with that information?  Do you turn around and hightail it straight to the closest salad bar?  Or do you simply acknowledge the calories and continue to order what you want anyways?   If you picked the latter, you are not unlike most Americans.

Eating McDonald's

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Stay In Shape To Prevent Depression

Everybody has heard doctors and therapists say it before--that exercising regularly is one of the best things that you can do to treat depression and make yourself feel better.  Keeping your body active (exercising) releases endorphins in your brain, the chemicals that make you feel good and give you a feeling of well-being. Additionally exercising seems to have more benefits. As per a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, one of the world’s leading peer-reviewed full text publications, exercise can prevent episodes of depression in the long run.

The Study

The study shows a correlation associated with physical health and exercising. It concludes that, in addition to leading to weight loss and good physical shape, which carry many benefits in their own right, exercise is one of the leading methods of maintaining good and strong mental health as well as preventing the onset of depression later in life.  This correlates and falls into place nicely with the continuously growing pile of evidence that associates obesity with depression, and comes as good news to those looking to treat these common problems found in millions of Americans.

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Protein-Rich Breakfast Prevents Unhealthy Snacking later in the Day

Look everywhere, especially in the health and fitness industry, and you will find high protein powders, shakes, and snack bars for exercise enthusiasts.  While the reasoning may vary from person to person, the general consensus is that proteins curbs hunger better than carbohydrates.  In a new research project, presented at the Obesity Society’s annual scientific meeting, researchers found that eating a high protein breakfast curbed hunger throughout the day as compared to eating a high carbohydrate meal or skipping breakfast. When making breakfast for yourself, opt for the lean sausage and egg omelet meals or try a protein shake.  Avoid the pancakes, bagels, and waffles as they only lead women to snack more later on in the day.

steak, eggs, potatoes

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Waistline Circumference More Accurate than BMI to Measure Obesity

The gold standard for measuring obesity is Body Mass Index (BMI), a formula that calculates an individual’s weight to their height squared.  BMI is not a perfect measure but it gives an strong indication whether a person is overfat. New studies indicate that waistline circumference measurements may be more accurate at assessing obesity than BMI.

Tape Measure Woman Waistline Healthy Living


Body Mass Index (BMI)

They say people get wiser as they age, but new statistics show that people also get wider as they age.  Current statistics show that almost 40% of men and women are becoming obese as they age. Researchers from the University of Glasgow assessed data from the Health Survey of England and the Scottish Health Survey comparing two periods of time, 1994-1996 and 2008-2010. Researchers looked at BMI and waist circumference changes for both men and women during the two periods. Any significant changes between the two periods were documented and recorded.

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Why We Should Eat Blueberries Everyday

Everybody knows that blueberries are a super fruit.  Wild blueberries have been long touted to help combat disease and promote healthy aging.  The latest research, published in the journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, showed that long-term wild blueberry diets may help improve pathologies associated with metabolic syndrome. Diseases most associated with metabolic syndrome are cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome affects 37% of adults in the United States.  The term is used to describe a cluster of risk factors characterized by obesity, hypertension, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, diabetes, and heart disease.  Dr. Klimis-Zacas, Professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Maine and co-author of the study, explains that there are properties in food that have the potential to prevent metabolic syndrome.  He explores the idea that food can be medicine. By eating the correct foods, the need for medication and medical intervention is reduced significantly. 

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Sleeping Longer Helps Children in Reducing Food Intake

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book, so goes an Irish saying. A recently published study, in the journal Pediatrics, proves that the Irish were unleashing pearls of wisdom when they recommended a long sleep.

The study, headed by a Temple University professor, was an attempt to draw a correlation between the amount of sleep school children have and the children’s weight and food intake.

Sleeping Beauty

As you may be aware, childhood obesity has been skyrocketing over the years, and in the US, 17% of children have developed obesity. A confluence of factors, such as super-sized portions, sugary drinks and general inactivity, have been implicated in the surge in the prevalence of childhood obesity. However, the role of other factors, such as the duration of sleep, have not been fully investigated, even though previous studies have often found a causal relationship between sleep and obesity.

The purpose of this study then was to find out how sleep, or lack thereof, could be a contributing factor in childhood obesity.

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High Intensity Exercises Provide the Most Efficient Workout

In our busy lives, fitting exercise in can often be difficult.  We are an immediate results society.  Our internet has to be faster, social media allows people to connect instantaneously, cell phone accessibility is imperative, and time is constantly limited.  While studies show exercise must be a priority in everyone’s lifestyle routine, which type of exercise is the most efficient?  What makes the best use of your time?  Forget walking and moderate exercise!  A new study, led by the Flinders health sciences lecturer Dr. Lynda Norton with the researchers from the University of South Australia, found that a one hour high-intensity workout provides the same fitness benefits as 50 hours of walking.  

Fitness Bootcamp

High Intensity Workouts

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Only 3 Nutrition Classes Need to Improve Dietary Habits Study Shows

Obesity is a growing problem across much of the Western world, especially in the USA where it is estimated that about 35.7% of the adult population is obese. And the odds are not better for children, 17% of whom are obese. Obesity prevalence has tripled in one generation, and without proper intervention, things are likely to get out of hand.

In most cases, obesity often affects the minorities a lot more significantly, with data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that non-Hispanic blacks had the highest prevalence of adult obesity, followed by Mexican Americans and Hispanics. Whites had the lowest prevalence of obesity. In childhood obesity, CDC data showed that non-Hispanic black girls and Hispanic boys were more likely to be obese than children of the same gender from other races.

The reason for this is usually a lack of nutritional knowledge, exacerbated by financial constraints.

For these reasons, a team from the University of Minnesota’s Food Science and Nutrition embarked on a teaching session to see whether any improvement in knowledge would change consumption habits.

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Comprehensive Guideline to Manage Overweight and Obese Adults Available to Medical Practitioners

If you went to your physical and you were overweight, your doctor probably would have given you a cursory recommendation to lose weight.  Now when you go in, do not be alarmed if your doctor gives you the 3rd degree about your weight.  The medical community is getting serious about cracking down the obesity rates in the United States.


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Exercising During Pregnancy Improves Brain Development in Newborns

The benefits of exercise are numerous to those who engage in them, from boosting academic performance in teens to enhancing overall health in adults. Even pregnant women are encouraged to engage in some exercise, of course after consulting with their physicians.

A Canadian team has discovered that pregnant women who exercise for at least 1 hour a week conferred some unexpected health benefits to their kids; they were found to have more brain activity than the children of those who lived a sedentary life during pregnancy.


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