Everything You Need to Know About Fat Loss

If you’re spending your allotted five hours a week in the gym exclusively on a Stairmaster or an elliptical machine, chances are you aren't aware that you can think yourself thin by using the new muscle math. It goes like this: a 200 pound muscular man (or woman) burns more calories in a day than a 200 pound fat guy, even if they both do the exact same things, even if they do nothing at all. More accurately, a pound of muscle at rest consumes more calories in a day than a pound of fat.

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How to Safely Diet without Hunger

Many believe that it is impossible to diet without hunger. But when it comes to planning your weight loss strategy it will be necessary to move away from this traditional thinking. Remember this, to safely lose those extra pounds it doesn’t have to involve going hungry at all. Today it is known that hunger is not a necessary component for effective weight loss. In fact depending on your previous eating habits you can actually eat more food on a sensible diet and still lose weight.

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Dreading That Meal Out? Eat Out On A Diet With These Tips.

Many people assume that restaurants and diets don't mix. Yes, there are plenty of selections on that menu that may sabotage your calorie count for the day, or maybe even the week, but there will be other options that you can choose that are lower in calories, carbs, and fat grams. You can eat out on a diet without it being traumatic, and even more importantly, the meal can still be delicious.

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Should you do Cardio Before or After Weights in Order to Lose Weight?

Should you do cardio before or after a weight training session in order to lose fat is a commonly asked question with no really clear answers. Some trainers advocate that you do weight training first and cardio afterward, but others say the opposite.

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How to Effectively Avoid Diet Self Sabotage

The mind is a very powerful influence in everything we do and this includes diet self sabotage. When you pass the snack table on the way to the photocopier you have to make a decision not to indulge in the chocolate cake or to remain committed and keep walking. You will of course have to mentally validate your decision and this is done through minimization, rationalization or justification.

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Does Coffee Help Weight Loss? Calorie Burning Or Diet Blowout?

Do you have to deprive yourself of all your daily luxuries when you are trying to lose weight? Does coffee help weight loss or not? Read on for the lowdown on whether your Starbucks or home brewed espresso is aiding or sabotaging your diet.

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Not So Obvious Foods to Avoid For Weight Loss

There are the obvious foods that you need to avoid if you want to lose weight, such as chocolate, potato chips and hard candy, but there are a lot of foods out there that you may be eating and not realizing that they aren’t that good for you. Here are some of them:

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The Main Characteristics of Dangerous Fad Diets

Food Replacement
One of the easiest ways to identify dangerous fad diets is to see if they replace normal food intake with pills, powders or supplements. The body cannot thrive on the nutritional value offered by these products. Although they may lead to fast fat reduction temporarily, they do not contain the necessary recommended levels of vitamins and minerals for good health.

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How To Increase Your Metabolism Naturally Without Pills Or Starving

Gray hair, wrinkles, muffin top. Aagh what's happening??? As we age, our metabolisms start to slow down. What does this mean? Realistically, after 25 it can start to get harder to lose the weight, and easier to put it on. You may notice that you have to eat less to maintain that dress size or the number on the bathroom scales. However, all is not lost. You do not have to starve yourself or resort to potentially unhealthy substances to keep your weight under control.

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How to Lose Weight Without Spending Money

It's no secret that an active lifestyle leads to weight loss. However, there are a lot of people who don’t have the time to work out on a regular basis and there are many more that don’t have the money to spend on an expensive gym membership.

If this sounds like you, you might be wondering how to stay active, without having to go to the gym, which is why we're going to look at ways to lose weight without spending money.

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