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White Tea For Weight Loss & Natural Fat Burning

In breakthrough news for dieters everywhere, a study from Germany has just revealed that white tea extract has the ability to attack human fat cells in two ways. Yes, you read right. That hot cuppa could be all you need for natural and effective fat burning. The natural extract of white tea for weight loss looks to be a breakthrough for those with excess pounds who are seeking a safe solution that works.

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Does Calcium Help Weight Loss?

A number of studies have been commissioned over the years to look at the consumption of dairy products and its relation to weight loss. Some scientists have been particularly interested in this question: Does Calcium Help Weight Loss? The answer, from the studies that have been done, seems to be yes, but is this true – is this fact or fiction? We take a deeper look at what’s been said.

Lose weight with Bikram Yoga

If you have tried different ways to get back into shape and failed, then may be its time you tried to lose weight with Bikram Yoga. Named after its inventor, Bikram Yoga is a simple but effective adaptation of the traditional yoga practices.

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Reverse Dieting. Eat A Big Breakfast For A Smaller Dress Size

Many of us have heard of backwards diets, but often the thought of porridge for the evening meal is enough to stop many of us before we finish reading the article. Do you really have to eat pasta for breakfast and muesli for dinner when reverse dieting? How does this diet work? Read on to see how you can get a smaller dress size by eating a bigger breakfast and a smaller dinner.

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Drinking Green Tea And Weight Loss – The All New “Wonder Drink”

We may have progressed a great deal technologically and scientifically over the last century, but does this have to necessarily mean that we know better than our forefathers in every area of life? Well, there would of course be those people who would say an emphatic “Yes” to this, but does this make us too proud and too much confident about our abilities? Take for instance, drinking green tea.

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Running vs Walking for Weight Loss: Which is Better?

Many people that are looking to lose weight realize the importance of establishing a healthy exercise routine. For the most part, steady weight loss will not occur with just a change in your diet alone. For those that are not familiar with a good exercise routine though, choosing what exercises to do can be intimidating. Some of the easiest exercises to get into are running and walking, but when it comes to running vs walking for weight loss, which is better?

What Are the Proactol Benefits?

Finding a natural way to lose weight is often overwhelming and confusing with all of the products on the market. By finding the right one for your needs, you will be able to finally lose weight and get healthy. Proactol is one natural diet supplement that can help you reduce your excess body weight and suppress your appetite to make your body healthier.

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Walk And Lose Weight Successfully And Rapidly

So you don't like hitting the gym? Embarrassed to be seen running or jogging in your present state? Can't afford a treadmill? Well, all is not lost. Recent research has shown that you do not need to actually run or even jog to shift those pesky pounds. Yes, that's right. You can go for a brisk walk and lose weight successfully.

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How High Calorie Beverages Can Affect Weight Loss

When people start counting calories in an effort to lose weight, they often fail to count those that are in the beverages that we drink. Many people have the misconception that drinks can't possibly have that many calories, when in fact there are many high calorie beverages that can have an extremely negative impact on how you lose weight.

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Metabolife Weight Loss – Is It A Disaster Or Does It Indeed Work?

While it is true that you will find hundreds of dietary supplements all over the world and of course on the Internet as well, but the fact remains that, there has possibly been no greater debate than the one concerning Metabolife. The US firm Metabolife International, Inc. was best known for their ephedra-based product that they named Metabolife 356 and it was a huge hit, to say the least.

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