8 Ways to Improve Your Cardio Training Routine

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I need you to get off that treadmill and ask yourself an important question: is your current cardio training routine WORKING? Honestly. Day-in and day-out there are people, maybe like you, who spend their precious time using ineffective cardio techniques that produce very little results.

Well, those days are over. I’m going to explain 10 ways for you to improve your cardio training routine, and start seeing the results you deserve. Let’s get started.


Warming up - dynamic stretching

Seriously…? Warming-up is a way to improve your cardio routine? You better believe it. Without an effective warm-up you won’t be able to perform any routine at 100 percent intensity. If you’re going to train, then you should commit your body all the way!

The most effective way to warm-up before any exercise is through dynamic stretching. Do not static stretch before exercise because it does not probably prepare the muscles and joints for explosive exercise.

2. 30-Minute Rule

Yeah that’s right… you don’t need to be spending 60 + minutes cardio training under ANY circumstances. If you’re looking to burn fat and keep it off for good, then you need to start using high-intensity training.

Cardio training lasting less than 30 minutes will burn significantly more calories, and help you build lean muscle. Lean muscle is absolutely essential to burning fat and making sure it never comes back.

And plus… who wants to be at the gym for over an hour performing the same exercise? Get in, train hard, and get out. That’s my philosophy, and it’s sooo clever.

3. Anaerobic vs. Aerobic

This goes right back to the 30-minute rule. In plain terms, the anaerobic energy system is utilized during explosive movements such as jumping, sprinting, etc. While the aerobic system kicks in during exercise lasting longer than 2-minutes in length.

Anaerobic is superior to aerobic training because of its muscle building potential. Aerobic cardio exercises such as long distance running or stationary bike training will not build lean muscle. So although you may lose weight with these techniques, it will be very difficult to keep future gains off because you haven’t built a solid foundation of muscle.

And as you should know, muscle is the ultimate defense against fat because it is active tissue that burns calories 24h a day.

4. Start Sprinting


The most effective anaerobic cardio training technique is to use sprints. Sprints are very explosive and challenging, but will help you burn a massive amount of calories while building lean muscle in the quads, glutes, and core.

And what’s really cool, is that you will only need about 15 minutes to complete an entire sprint training routine. Some of the best sprinting workouts include the traditional sprints, interval sprints, and hill sprints.

One very important sprinting tip is to avoid sprinting further than 60 yards. Anything further will decrease the intensity level, deteriorate your running form, and could force your body to utilize the aerobic energy system.

Here is a beginner sprint routine you can use:

  • 60 yard sprints with 90 seconds of rest (x4)
  • 40 yard sprints with 60 seconds of rest (x3)
  • 20 yard sprints with 30 seconds of rest (x3)

5. Training Frequency

If you’re using high-intensity cardio, then you will only need about three sessions a week. And if you have followed the previous steps, this should only take about 1-2 hours a week to accomplish.

The reason why you don’t need to cardio train everyday is because high-intensity exercises initiate the after-burn effect. The after-burn effect is when your body continues to burn calories even when you’re done exercising. This essential fat burning component is not possible through aerobic training.

6. Vary it Up

No, you don’t have to sprint three times a week! There are many other high-intensity cardio training methods you can use to keep your routine entertaining and challenging. Some other great workouts include bodyweight circuits, plyometrics, agility’s, and interval training.

I also highly recommend you incorporate one or two low-intensity cardio training workouts a week. This is simply to vary up your routine and give your body a rest from the high-intensity level.

7. The McDonalds Diet

Okay, this should be obvious, but for some reason many people think they can go and pig out after a quality workout! No, no, and NO. It doesn’t matter how hard you train, and how dedicated you are to your training, if you aren’t strict with your diet you will not see the results you want.

I'm not going to get into nutrition, but you should understand the basics like avoiding trans fats, saturated fats, and bad carbs (BEER). 

8. Take ACTION!

This is the most important step to improve your cardio training routine. It’s easy to read, but it’s much harder to get out there and push yourself to levels you never thought were possible. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone because that’s what it takes to see REAL results.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and for more quality cardio training tips make sure you visit the Cardio Training Freak. Thank you!

I do really like this post,

I do really like this post, because the author recommends in simple steps what to do to get maximum results out of a realistic plan of exercise. The post highlights the importance of anaerobic workouts over aerobics ones. I think that the cardio-exercises are pretty cheap and accessible to everyone who wants to lose weight, enhance their health and even gain lean muscle.
Maximize the results with this cardio-training is pretty much reasonable and achievable.

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