8 Min Core Workouts Review: Abs, Arms, Thighs, Buns and Stretch

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Are you looking to tone up some of your trouble spots? Perhaps your arms are flabby and your thighs are thick? Need to tone those buns and stretch those muscles without spending a lot of time? The 8 Min Core Workouts could be just what you have been dreaming of. In just a few short minutes you can tone those areas that where once difficult to tone.

This exercise DVD can help you workout those trouble areas and get you on the fast track to fitness! The workout consists of 5 sections, each lasting 8 minutes, for a total of 40 minutes, including stretching. You can choose between three different levels based on your fitness condition.

How Does 8 Min Core Workouts Work?

8 Min Core Workouts focuses on toning those areas that you may normally struggle with, such as the arms, abs, thighs and buns. The exercises are short and when combined together make for a very effective workout. You will be sweating in no time which is part of weight loss.

The workout is designed to be performed every day and even if you just do only a few of the 5 sections you will notice a difference in your body and the way you feel. It is a great workout to incorporate into your daily routine.

Whether you are just getting up from the couch after a long winter or been working out in the gym for years, you will find this DVD to be helpful in achieving your goals.

8 Minute Core Workouts Sample Video Clip

What Others Are Saying - Does 8 Min Core Workouts Work?

Over 30 reviewers say, yes! The Amazon Reviews speak for themselves. I have read several of them.

Most of the reviewers who purchased the 8 Min Core Workouts were initially questioning the claim that a DVD workout could be effective in just eight minutes per zone. They were surprised to find that it did offer them great results. One reason this workout has become so popular is because it targets people who don’t have plenty of time to exercise effectively.

Jean, like dozens of other users, loves this DVD. She says:

“You can pick and choose what areas you want to work out. The best part is that they are only 8 minutes. So if your a busy person you can afford 8 minutes out of your day to do them. If you want to could also do them on your lunch breaks.”

Melissa finds that this exercise DVD is great. She advises:

“If you plan on just buying one exercise video this is the one! It has a segment for arms, legs, buns, abs and stretching. I like that instructor does traditional moves but with using the ball and weights. I run and then do this DVD for my toning and it works and with 2 kids 8 minutes is about all I have!!”

I. Griffin from Michigan, who workouts regularly, was at first a little skeptical about the “8-minute” description of the DVD. How can you benefit from a just 8-minute workout? Well, she was surprised when she bought the DVD and tried the exercises. The five 8-minute sections gave her a full body 40-minute workout. By the end, she was sweating big time and felt the burn. Griffin says:

“I like that you go through the sections so you have a chance to breathe in between as it sits at the main menu waiting for the next selection. Get some water, catch your breath and move on without having to pause, rewind, etc. You just click on the next section when you're ready to go.”

Does It Help You Lose Weight?

This product has no reviews as of late describing any weight loss. However the users do think that this is a great product to help tone up those trouble areas. One user said:

“After only a month, I can now feel rock solid muscles around my entire mid-section.”

Add some weights to your workouts as you get more advanced to change it up a bit and make it more challenging.

Pros and Cons


  • Great when you want to workout and do not have a lot of time. Romana from Irvine, CA, says:

“I have a baby 9 month old and i can make the workout while she is sleeping”

  • Excellent price.

  • Very effective workout for a short eight minute exercise. Extremely easy to follow along.

  • Multiple levels. This is great for beginners, intermediate users as well as fitness experts.

  • Great for busy, time-constrained individuals. When you are looking for a quick exercise to target all your tough areas, this may be worth looking into.


  • Some reviewers claimed that the original DVD was more effective, more intense and better overall. They find the new version boring.

  • Good workout but not for those with bad knees. R. Curtis says:

“The exercises are explained very clearly but don't be fooled! This was really hard! If you have sore knees or joints then this is not one that you want to try just starting out!”

  • Some users feel that some of the exercises are too easy, while others find them challenging, reporting that they felt sore for days! However, most people feel that the exercises are short and to the point and that anyone can do them.

Problems and Complaints

Some of the users felt that the DVD lacked enthusiasm and found it to be boring. A few users enjoyed the previous version of this DVD better than the newer one. They stated that the exercises where more challenging and just better overall in the initial version.

My thought on this product is that anything that can help you achieve a better body in only eight short minutes, which is backed by good user testimonials, is worth a try. It does not just target one specific area but several parts all over the body that you may struggle with including, your buns and thighs. Who wouldn’t want a more toned and defined body? In just eight short minutes you could be on your way to a healthier look!

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