7 Fat Melting Tips to Change Your Life!

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The fact is that losing weight is difficult for many people.  The great thing is that there are plenty of ways to trick the body into burning stored up fat.  Whether you are looking to just lose a few pounds or fit into last year’s jeans, we have seven great tips that will have you looking great in no time. 

As we grow older the body’s metabolism begins to slow down, which just means that we have to work harder to shed that extra five or ten pounds that get packed on throughout the year.

1) Jump Start Your Metabolism

Green tea’s natural ingredients boost metabolism.  Try grabbing some green tea instead of a soda for lunch; it can also replace coffee in the mornings.  A faster metabolism will begin shedding pounds naturally.  Iron is important too; this mineral aides in getting oxygen to the cells, which also enhances metabolism.  Water is another metabolism booster when drinking in heavier quantities at the same time, especially cold water.  For breakfast and dinner try drinking about two glasses of water (17 ounces) and you’ll effectively jump start your metabolism and start burning extra calories.

2) Sit Away From the Bread

What many people do not realize is how many calories are in food items like breads, chips, and other appetizers that are brought to the table when eating out.  The hardest thing to do is to avoid the compulsion of butter and carbohydrates when a basket of it is set in front of you.  By sitting towards the end of the table, the bread and temptation will be much farther away.

3) Buy Smaller Plates

People love to fill up their plate.  So trick your mind and buy smaller plates.  The urge to fill it up will still be there, but there will be less space to pile the food on.  The next problem will be avoiding seconds.  The same can be said about spoons too; a research study found that people who used smaller utensils served themselves less food and ended up eating less overall at meals.  It also helped with digestion as it took longer for people to eat using a smaller spoon and fork.

4) Add Some Spice to Your Life

By tossing in a bit of cayenne pepper or hot sauce on foods, a person becomes prone to eating fewer calories.  Small meals and fewer calories are the fast track to dropping all that extra weight.  So add something spice to your soups, eggs in the morning, and other meals where appropriate to watch those fat areas begin to melt away.

5) Stop the Distractions at Dinner Time

The TV, the cell phone, and other activities while eating end up leaving you distracted about the actual meal; this often leads to over eating and stomach aches.  By focusing on dinner, research has shown that people eat fewer calories than when television and other activities are involved.  Distraction can actually be a very powerful tool, but it becomes the enemy during meal time.

6) Turn the Temperature Down at Bedtime

By keeping a room heated, the body does not experience much temperature change throughout the night; this removes the requirement for it to turn on its own internal furnace to keep the body warm.  Reducing the temperature to make the bedroom chilly will have your body burning up calories while you are off in dreamland.  The same can be said about too many heavy blankets.  Finding the right temperature will take some trial and error, but it will help burn off a few excess pounds.

7) Using Distractions to Destroy Cravings

While distractions are the enemy when you are sitting down to eat, they can be the hero when those nasty cravings start clouding your judgment.  When that craving for chocolate or a sandwich hits you, try calling a friend or playing a game; this will lead to letting the craving pass without letting a high calorie unhealthy snack put the pounds back on that you’ve been working so hard to take off.

Each of the tips above is something that can be done today and have a major impact right away; they are also things that will not disrupt your daily routine.  Shedding weight can be tough, but simple tricks can easily help remove all the negative programming the food industry has subjected us too.  Take the time do these little things, make these little changes, and watch the pound seem to up and disappear.

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Enjoyed this post, as these tips can be very helpful for many. The key to everything is always moderation, and not going overboard with eating certain foods. Happy holidays.

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