5 Ways For Women to Deal With Unwanted Facial Hair

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You might be surprised to learn that every person, male or female, has facial hair. For many men, the facial hair grows in darker and thicker, and will require shaving to remove. Unfortunately, some women also have to deal with visible facial hair. According to a recent study done by BristolMyers, more than 20 million women in the United States alone remove their unwanted facial hair each week. Since there are so many different methods and products on the market, it is hard to tell which is the most effective. Here are five different ways for women to deal with or remove unwanted facial hair.

1. Bleaching Kits

This is one of the most common and affordable way to treat dark facial hair. For many women, it is only the dark color of the hair that is bothersome, so bleaching will lighten the hair without removing it. Bleaching kits can be purchased from any local pharmacy and will be a simple option that takes just 10-15 minutes of your time.

2. Regular Tweezing

Women who only deal with a few unwanted hairs on their face may opt to tweeze their hairs. This is a very affordable option, as tweezers are just a few dollars and are typically a household item already. Women should only pursue this option if they have a few unwanted hairs. With more, it can take a lot of time, and the pain level and sensitivity in the area will be high.

3. Depilatory Creams

These creams are applied to the face and literally eat away at the hair, removing it entirely. Although they provide completely smooth skin for up to one week, they can be problematic for sensitive skin. Says hair removal expert Amy Mullen, "You cannot use these on any skin that is cut or irritated, and it should never be used near the eyes." With these limitations, depilatory creams may not be a reliable choice for every woman.

4. Laser Hair Removal

Women looking for a more permanent solution to unwanted facial hair should consider laser hair removal. This relatively new process uses low-level lasers to target and remove the hair on your face. Although this is an incredibly costly and time-consuming process, it is the most permanent. However, it is not always effective for those with darker skin or for those with grey or white facial hairs, but advancements are continually being made in the field that could change that soon.

5. Prescription Medications

One of the main reasons that women grow unwanted facial hair is because of an increased number of androgens in the body. Certain hormonal pills and prescription medications like birth control pills can actually have an effect on the amount of unwanted hair on your face. Says Laurie Green, M.D., "The birth control pill works by rendering some of the circulating androgen inactive."

For most women, dealing with unwanted facial hair can be done with pharmacy products like tweezers and bleaching kits. If the unwanted hair is very bothersome, however, visiting your doctor to discuss more severe treatments like prescription medications and laser hair removal might be a good idea.

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