5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

If you are one of the millions of people across the world that struggles with losing weight, or even just toning up, there is probably a very good explanation for it. We understand that everybody is different in terms of body shape, physical ability, diet and lifestyle, but by putting our 5 golden rules into practice you are sure to begin seeing a noticeable loss in weight within a month.

It all starts with engaging in regular exercise and cutting down on calorific intake – there is no rocket science behind the premise of losing weight; it’s just putting it into practice where many of us go wrong.

1. Do not eat late at night

Studies have shown that those who eat later at night are considerably more likely to put on weight, or struggle to lose existing weight, than those who do not. According to this article by the BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8234386.stm) it is proven that there is in fact a “wrong” time to eat. Avoid eating in late evening and certainly avoid midnight snacks as this has been linked to obesity.

2. Cut down on beer, wines and spirits

Beer is full of calories; wine contains oestrogen hormones which can increase the development of breast tissue in men and spirits are often drunk with a mixer (cola or lemonade, which are sugar and calorie heavy). If you really do not want to give up alcohol altogether, consider drinking diet mixers, small glasses of wine and shandy beers (beer which is mixed with lemonade – diet lemonade!).

3. Eat the right foods for your workout

If you spend a lot of time exercising, you can capitalize on this by eating the right foods at the right time. For example, eating foods which are rich in carbohydrates before exercise helps to provide energy. A quick coffee before hitting the gym can also give you a much needed boost (and caffeine helps to form muscle tissue – perfect if you want to tone up). After your workout, avoid foods high in saturated fats and eat foods with good protein levels, which are easily absorbed by the body.

4. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine

For those who work in offices or other jobs which do not promote activity, you should focus on introducing basic exercise into your lifestyle, even if you regularly attend the gym. You can do this in many ways; get off the bus one step earlier, walk to your local store instead of taking the car and if you work in an office, get up from the desk 6/7 times each day to stretch your legs. All of this can help to lose weight and burn calories.

5. Create a lifestyle plan

Ultimately, if you are to effectively incorporate the above changes into your life you need to form a plan of action for it to really work. There are many free templates you can get online, which can be tailored to your needs. Constantly make a conscious effort to stick to your plan, otherwise you will not see the desired results and this will negatively hit your morale, and may even cause you to give up trying.

Written by Matt Saunders  on behalf of Going Out UK – online restaurant booking

I have a problem with my

I have a problem with my weight. But I can't stop eating late at night and drinking beer. It becomes a habit for me. Or perhaps I've been addicted. Anyway, I will give my best shot to overcome this weight problem. Thanks a lot for the info.

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