5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Make Fitness A Part of Their Lives

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Being an entrepreneur is tough– busy days filled with phone calls, appointments and a lot of late nights trying to stay focused and motivated. This creates an environment where cooking healthy meals and making sure to hit the gym are the last priorities of the day. Well, it has been shown that working out on a regular basis actually provides many benefits that will make you a more successful entrepreneur. Check out the 5 reasons below, and I guarantee you’ll want to stop putting off a trip to the gym.

1.  Energy and Productivity

Maintaining a regular exercise routine has been shown to increase energy levels throughout the day. When you exercise, you are increasing your heart rate, blood flow and oxygen transport to your muscles. All of these factors result in a much higher energy level that will last for hours after your workout has ended. Being an entrepreneur requires being focused and self-motivated to get things done. Working out on a regular basis will ensure you have the energy required to face the challenges of the day aggressively and confidently.

2.  Confidence and Creativity

Many people claim that their cognitive ability to be creative increases with even moderate levels of daily physical activity. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed that working out increases creativity, being in the gym is a great time to think about and analyze any problems you might be having with your business. Most problems can be solved with a time investment and hours spent analyzing all the different variables. Does it matter if you are at the office or on the treadmill when you figure it out?

3.  Facing Challenges

The mentality of getting stronger, faster and healthier forces you to constantly push yourself in the gym. This, mentally, makes your “comfort zone” take on a whole new definition. You become willing to push yourself a lot further to get what you want and meet your goals. This ability to push yourself in the gym can actually translate to the business world where you will continue to push yourself to meet and surpass all your goals. A winning attitude in the gym breeds a winning attitude in everything else you do.

4.  Mental Wellness

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress. Exercise releases “feel good” neurotransmitters, like endorphins, and hormones, like dopamine and norepinephrine, into your system. These chemicals stimulate parts of the brain that reduce stress and inherently make you feel better. Many long distance runners claim they are addicted to the “runners high” that is actually the release of these chemicals in their brain after exercising for a certain amount of time. Plus, working out lets you channel all of your anger and frustration into giving it all you can in the gym. Eventually, pushing your body to exhaustion will make you feel good about yourself which will lower stress.           

5.  Appearance

Being physically fit carries a certain level of respect with it. In the business world, being physically fit translates into also being seen as disciplined, a hard worker and serious about succeeding. That's why, a lot of men in the business world take a bodybuilder mentality and aim to put on mass and muscle. It’s easy to not care about being in shape, but exercising on a regular basis requires a set of personality traits that others in the business world value. So, get in shape and clients may actually see you as someone they are more likely to want to work with.. 

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Hi Pran, I really could not

Hi Pran,
I really could not agree more when it comes to stress relief through exercise. I go to the gym and I do find that it relaxes me because it takes my mind off work. However, a hard workout can have the opposite effect. After a 50-minute early morning leg workout that involves heavy squats I am so exhausted that when I later go to the office I can hardly focus on my work! There has to be balance.

You're completely right. The

You're completely right. The key is balance in every area of life. Good nutrition and adequate exercise are genetic requirements and we cannot function optimally physically, mentally, or socially without them. They also relieve stress and normalize sleep patterns. I don't know if anyone ever compiled any stats, but I bet the most successful entrepreneurs follow these rules.

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