5 Myths About Vaping For Weight Loss

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Vaping has been a solution for various problems. Whether adults turn to vaping to quit smoking or for recreational activities, some have tried vaping to lose weight. In fact, a recent study by Reuters suggests that vaping could help weight loss for smoking quitters. Of course, the best way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and exercise. However, if you are addicted to nicotine, it can be difficult to lose weight while quitting. In this post, we’ll explain the myths about vaping for weight loss.

Vaping Is An Appetite Suppressant

Vaping alone does not suppress your appetite. The nicotine inhaled acts as a stimulant that could speed up your metabolism. When you are vaping without nicotine, it’s uncertain if vaping actually contributes to weight loss. For smokers to quit smoking without packing on the pounds, vaping could be an appetite suppressant if you are using e-juice or e-liquid that contains nicotine. You can carefully control your nicotine intake to quit smoking without the associated weight gain due to an increased appetite. Still, vaping on its own does not act as an appetite suppressant.

Hand To Mouth Habits Cause Weight Loss

In addition to controlling your appetite, some believe that vaping habits can cause weight loss. However, the hand to mouth motion does not cause weight loss directly. It is the habit substitution that can lead to weight loss. Some smokers are able to quit smoking without resorting to snacking or eating as a replacement. However, if you need something else to replace the habit of hand to mouth, vaping could offer an alternative that won’t necessarily lead to weight gain. This way, you can still quit smoking while replacing your hand to mouth habit with something other than food.

Vaping Stops You From Eating Frequently

While replacing the hand to mouth habit may work, vaping does not actually stop you from eating more. Rather, the many flavors of e-liquid available can keep you from eating as frequently. You may want to taste the flavors of desserts, sweets or sugars. These foods could be detrimental to your diet. The various e-liquid flavors can give you a similar taste without all the extra calories. In fact, there are thousands of specialty flavors available including fruits, cakes and more. You can get discount vape juice that offers several flavors to try out. Even though vaping has other health concerns, quitting smokers could get the taste of high calorie foods through vaping.

You Can Lose Weight With Impulses

Furthermore, you might think that controlling your impulses will lead to weight loss. Except, you will need to build new habits to overcome poor impulse control. Otherwise, most smokers will eventually give into their impulses to smoke or eat something. In order to lose weight, create new habits that include calorie control. This will diminish the cravings and impulsive behaviors that could lead to gaining weight. In order to take control of your impulses, create a diet plan and consider vaping to ween yourself from the impulses associated with smoking. If done successfully, you can quit smoking while losing weight.

Vaping For Weight Loss Works For Everyone

There are many factors associated with vaping for weight loss. While a study has found that vaping could be used to lose weight, it may not work for non-smokers or all e-cigarette users. In fact, if you are not concerned about losing weight, it is highly likely that you will lack the motivation to stick to a diet or routine. In order to lose weight while quitting smoking, you must have a strong sense of determination as well as support from people around you. Thus, vaping can only contribute to weight loss if you are willing to commit to new habits and lifestyle decisions that are different from your smoking days.

Quitting smoking can lead to undesirable weight gain. You can always quit smoking and get back in shape afterwards.While you may turn to vaping for weight loss during the process, you now understand the myths to losing weight. Vaping on its own does not act as an appetite suppressant. Nicotine acts as the suppressant. Secondly, it can replace the hand to mouth habit associated with smoking. Moreover, the flavors of vaping can give you the taste of high caloric foods that could cause weight gain. It can also support you in sticking to a diet plan and building new habits. If you are motivated to quit smoking and lose weight, vaping could be a viable solution.

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