5 Controversial Detox Diets

Doctors say that obesity is a primary cause for any type of diabetes regardless of your age, depression, learning and behavior disorders, sleep problems, asthma, and many other health problems. Besides changing eating and exercising habits, the most important thing we can do is to motivate ourselves to want to change for the better and to lead a healthier lifestyle

The only way to get healthy is to make better choices and lifestyles and to get on the right track to a healthy future. This can be accomplished by following a detox diet. Not only will it allow you to shed the pounds, but also you will feel so much better for doing it and you will have a lot more energy.

There are many ways that you can detox your body but still one of the best ways that you can detox your body is by diet. However, there are a lot of controversial detox diets and sometimes it all depends on your health and what your doctor personally recommends as to what detox diet might work out the best for you. Listed below you'll find five of the most known controversial detox diets that many people use to get rid of toxins.

1. Juice Detox Diet.

With this juice detox diet you are focused on a diet that is short term and focused on juices and raw foods. Often times it will last between 3 to 7 days depending as to why you are detoxing your body. The first 3 days you will just drink whole fruits and vegetable juice, then you will slowly integrate other raw foods into the diet to add some protein. This kind of diet allows the energy levels to increase; it removes bloating, clears up headaches, improves the digestive health system and does much more.

2. The Master Cleanse Diet

A lot of people know the master cleanse diet as the lemonade diet and it has been around for a very long time. The plan with this diet is simple. You mainly focus on drinking and then slowly introduce your way back into having food again. It's a great way to lose weight fast plus get rid of toxins quickly.

3. The Macrobiotic Diet

This diet has a lot of high fiber food items in it that can decrease your chance of getting cancer. According to a new study, eating cruciferous vegetables which are pack full of fiber will help to prevent, target, and kill cancer cells, while leaving other cells unaffected. Most dieters on this diet eat soy products, vegetables, whole grains, fruit, fish, seafood and beans.

4. Cabbage Soup Diet

On this detox diet you'll have a lot of cabbage soup combined with vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and some meat. The original cabbage soup diet lasted for 7 days but this detox diet has evolved since.

5. Week Detox Diet Plan Diet

You'll be able to eat things such as fruits, rice, potatoes and macaroni and yet at the same time you'll be able to detoxify your body.

Before you start on any diet always consult and talk with your doctor. Some people might not be able to be on certain diets due to their health while others might have to limit how long they can be on a diet. If you are about to have surgery then you should also talk with your doctor first before starting a diet.

This article was written by Kari Kenseth who is the Editor for this Juice Diet blog.

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