3 Realistic and Safe Dieting Tips

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Realistic Dieting Elements
For a diet to be effective there are certain elements that must work together. A big part of any successful diet is control of calories eaten. A dieter must have knowledge of the calorie counts of the foods eaten each day. Another important element is food selection. Foods selected as part of a diet must be able to provide adequate nutrition. Then there is the exercise portion of the diet. Each of these elements is like spokes on a wheel and is equally important if a diet is to be successful. Understanding and applying these principles will help you use the safe dieting tips more effectively.

1. Regular Exercise
Including regular exercise in a diet plan will help the weight to come off faster and easier. With proper food choices and a regular exercise program calories can be regulated on both ends. This means calories going in, by the foods eaten and calories going out, burned by exercise. Both contribute to lost pounds. A diet that only concentrates on food intake will not be able to produce the same results as one that includes regular exercise. Added benefits of including exercise in a diet plan are better health, toned muscles and a better looking body.

2. High Quality Food
The quality of food that makes up a weight loss program is very important. Food choices should be made based on nutritional value. Foods that are nutrient dense are the best selections. One way to get in trouble is to eat foods that have little or no nutritional value. Most dieters do this because the calories are low and produce quick weight loss. Unfortunately the longer the diet continues the more individual health suffers. Selecting foods with the highest nutritional values will make a diet more effective and keep you healthy.

3. Counting Calories
Losing weight is not a guessing game, you can chart your progress each step of the way. By using a food and exercise diary you can chart the calories you eat and the calories you burn off through exercise. A calorie book with lists of foods and their calories will help a great deal. Also knowing what the calories per hour that you will be burning through exercise will come in handy. If you exercise 4 times per week and an hour each session on the treadmill and it burns 800 calories per hour, at the end of the week you will have burned 3200 calories. If you have reduced your caloric intake by the same amount of calories you will lose a couple of pounds per week.

Getting It Together
As stated earlier calories eaten, calories burned and food choices are equally crucial elements of a successful weight loss diet. Recording your progress so you know where you were, where you are, and where you are going can help provide motivation and encouragement. Coordinating and being committed to each one of these elements will contribute to more weight loss over time. The key to putting it all together is finding foods that are nutrient dense and that you enjoy and finding an adequate exercise program that you will consistently participate. These will help your diet to be more effective.

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