3 Of The Latest Findings In Weight Loss Research

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Weight-loss research is advancing at a rapid pace. Scientists are on a mission to discover what it is that makes people more likely to be fat. Dietary and lifestyle choices are also heavily researched.

There are a few serious things that are influencing overweight and obese individuals daily, and these topics are outlined below:

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Sweet Tooth

A majority of processed foods include high-fructose corn syrup. It's made from corn, and it is heavily refined. It's added to everything from fruit cups to ketchup and breads. There are numerous television advertisements that claim it is safe and fine in moderation. Research from Princeton University and UCLA say otherwise. This sweet syrup seems to have the ability to dramatically increase weight gain. It also makes individuals hold onto weight longer. Mice and rats that were fed HFCS also showed rapid development of diabetes.

Individuals that want to lose weight can make a simple swap in their diet. Remove all products containing HFCS. If caloric values are kept the same, those removing HFCS will have an easier time losing weight and keeping it off.

Supplements For Weight Loss Are Not Effective

It seems obvious that supplements are not effective, but they have developed a cult following over the last few decades. Millions have sworn by their efficacy and ability to help them lose weight permanently. Research from Oregon State University says that the magic pill doesn't really exist. The thing about dietary supplements is that they encourage reduced calories and exercise. It's the diet and lifestyle changes that make a difference.

Supplements are often higher in fiber and increase energy. You can do the same thing by eating plenty of high-fiber foods. Fill yourself with beans, fruits and vegetables. Higher energy can be obtained by exercising daily no matter what.

Surgery For Weight Loss Isn't The Answer

Weight-loss surgery has been growing in popularity. Obese patients can lose at least 50 percent of their weight rather quickly. It was once seen as simply reducing the stomach size so that the person would consume less. Studies from Harvard are learning that this is no longer the truth.

There are significant ways in which the brain communicates with the gut. Reducing the anatomical size of a stomach is only the beginning of how it really works. Surgery actually affects the metabolism and alters the way the brain operates.

There are thousands of reports of individuals losing control after surgery. They stop being able to process food properly. They develop major vitamin deficiencies. There are even studies that show a dramatic increase in alcoholism after weight-loss surgery. The connection between the brain and gut is intense, and weight-loss surgery does not only alter a person's body size. This shows that weight loss must also be a mental process. It is not only a hand-to-mouth issue.

Healthy Alternatives

Instead of undergoing something as extreme as weight-loss surgery, patients should redirect their goals towards living a healthy life. It is perfectly acceptable to take years to lose a significant amount of weight. Even a 10 percent drop in body weight can positively improve the health of overweight and obese individuals.

Major changes need to be made in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off. It goes beyond exercising and restricting calories. Those two things alone are vague and only the surface issue.

Easy steps include drinking more water. LifeSource Water is a great way to get your fluids in. Incorporate plenty of fiber in your diet. Eat as many plant-based foods as possible. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

People trying to really reform their lives will need to go beyond those things. Writing in a journal daily can be immensely helpful in learning more about your habits. Understanding the importance of whole foods will also make a big difference. Processed weight-loss foods will never be the healthy way to keep weight off. It may even be more important to have the support of someone that is healthy and understanding of what you are going through.

Adapting permanent changes in small steps will be the best thing anyone can do for weight loss. Little habits create a broader lifestyle change that eventually changes the way you live for good.

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