3 Good Exercise Programs to Lose Weight

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Now that you have decided to look at some exercise programs to lose weight you might be more confused than ever on which one to pick. This is easier than it might appear if you narrow the choices down to those programs you think you’d enjoy. As long as you are exercising your muscles, raising your heart rate above normal and breathing, many programs can help you achieve weight loss. Examples of great programs are: walking programs, weight training programs and outdoor activities which can produce the weight loss results desired. All that has to be done is to choose the program you think you’d like and do it regularly.

Walking Programs
Perhaps one of the most popular exercise programs to lose weight is walking. This is because it is both an easy program and an enjoyable method to lose weight. An hour a day 3 times a week is all that is necessary to obtain satisfactory results. The locations that a walking program can take place are almost endless. Many walk in their neighborhoods, parks, athletic fields and on hiking trails. If you are the indoor type then you can purchase a treadmill and do your walking in the privacy of your own home or office. Start off your walking program at a modest pace and increase the intensity of the walks over time to improve your fitness level.

Weight Training
Now most people associate weight gain with weight training because of the increase in muscle mass. But weight training is a great way to lose weight also. The approach most effective for losing weight is to use an endurance routine. An endurance routine will not increase muscle mass or weight but it will tone muscles, strengthen your heart and burn fat. Combining modest weight amounts with cardiovascular exercises is a great training regime for losing weight and getting in shape at the same time. Weight training is an ideal way to lose weight while making the muscles stronger, burning away those extra pounds and improving your fitness level.

Outdoor Activities
An exercise program that is designed to help you lose weight can take many forms. Programs are only limited by the interests of the people participating in them. Outdoor activities are a great way to lose weight and get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. Many people choose hiking as their method of exercise and visit as many hiking trails around the country as they can afford to do so. Others enjoy playing baseball or tossing a football around with friends. Outdoor activities done consistently are fun but they also provide many valuable health benefits. Whatever outdoor exercise you choose to lose weight it should get the blood pumping, challenge the cardiovascular system and keep your body moving.

Before beginning an exercise program always warm up the muscles first. Failing to warm up the muscles before performing sudden shifting motions can strain the muscles causing injury. A few light stretches beforehand will help the muscles warm up and stay pliable during exercise. Drink plenty of water while engaged in activities to ensure proper hydration. Also if you have any doubts about your health before beginning an exercise plan to lose weight see your primary physician first.

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