3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink Review

Many of the drinks we choose to consume are often calorie loaded thirst quenchers. If you are a dieter, you might find a solution with 3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink. 3 Ballerina Tea is a formulation based on Chinese medicine and is a preferred beverage choice for many who are watching their weight.

How Does 3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink Work?

3 Ballerina Tea contains the herb Malva verticellata aka Chinese Mallo which is a weight loss supplement. It also has a history of use as nourishment during times of war, and also serves as a natural colon cleanser.

3 Ballerina Tea also contains the herb Senna which is found in many dieter tea formulations. Senna works to abate the appetite and speed calories through the digestive system to reduce their absorption, which results in quick loss of weight. Variations of the drink have been used for four hundred years and it has shown to be healthy for dieters.

Users are cautioned to start slow with the drink and tailor quantities to suit them personally based on the results. Because of the laxative nature of Senna, it is important to limit consumption until the body becomes acclimated to the drink. The tea relaxes the body and causes weight loss. In many cases, users report dropping pounds rather quickly.

What Others Are Saying - Does 3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink Really Work?

This product is both a laxative and an appetite suppressant. Some people drink it because they are constipated, and weight loss is often a by-product of regulating the system. Weimamom (a reviewer on Amazon) wasn't as concerned as others by the laxative effects because she is a work at home mom. Her take on the drink was that there is a break-in period until the body gets adjusted to it, and then everything levels out. She also adds:

"If I skip my tea for several days and am not eating so healthy I find I get constipated so not only does it work, but it also encourages me to get back on track with eating better."

Other reviewers commented that the tea helped eliminate excess water weight gain, helped detoxify the body, and curbed their appetite. Jennifer Castellano says:

"I was recommended 3 ballarina tea from a friend who has been in playboy and maxium and has a beautiful body. Buy this tea, its great, it's cheap and it really helps your belly look flatter."

How Much Will I Lose?

Every person can expect some differing results based on their lifestyle, activities, and eating habits. D. Harrington noted,

"I have lost 5 lbs in one week. I have already placed my second order."

Most of the reviewers claim to lose as much as 12 pounds during their first week using the tea, and many did not have a long history with the tea at the time of their review. A few of those making comments have used the drink for many months and all gave a good report on the way they gradually lost weight and controlled their appetite. One thing that has much to do with weight loss is how much of the tea is consumed each day, and how strong the brew is.

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the primary side effects of the tea is that it might cause cramping that is alleviated by a trip to the restroom. Knittingen says,

"Drink a bit too much and you will regret it, it can cause prolonged cramping over the course of a few hours. I also sweat and experience a higher pulse rate."

Some users have reported a mild allergic reaction to the tea. T. Maria "Victoria" reports:

"The allergy covered my whole body of spots and it hurts I can't stop scrubbing my body from the itching!"

Pros and Cons


  • Results are typically noticed after the first week of drinking the tea.
  • Users report flatter stomachs soon after beginning to drink 3 Ballerina tea.
  • It helps to relieve constipation.
  • It reduces food cravings.
  • The tea contains no caffeine or preservatives.


  • Many users don't like the taste of the drink.
  • The drink may cause cramps, usually during the night.
  • Some users experience untimely loose bowel movements.
  • It can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Problems and Complaints

The most common complaint came from those who experienced bowel issues while drinking the tea. Some experienced cramps with diarrhea and others had one or the other. Only a few reviewers did not lose weight while drinking the tea.

I Have Diabetes. Can I Still Drink 3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink?

Yes you can. The tea has no sugar added so you may use whatever sweetener you are comfortable with. Because it helps to suppress your appetite, it makes it much easier to choose foods recommended for diabetics.

How Does 3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink Rate Overall?

Most users realize that they have to adjust how much of the tea they drink to suit their individual systems. After the breaking-in period, most people who stayed with the drink experienced positive weight loss, and many became more regular because of the laxative effects. Several customers also use the tea regularly because of its ability to relieve excess water retention. 3 Ballerina Tea has been awarded 4.3 out of 5 stars by Amazon reviewers.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for 3 Ballerina Tea Extra Strength Dieters' Drink?

You can buy a three value pack box of the tea bags at Amazon which gives you a total of 54 tea tags. With an order of $25 or more, you can qualify for free Super Saver Shipping. Some vendors offer slightly better pricing for the tea bags, but when you figure in the shipping costs they end up costing more, so Amazon is currently the best place to buy 3 Ballerina Tea Dieters' Drink.

The best place to read reviews posted by those having actually used the product is at Amazon. Read more reviews.


Hi i'm 15 and just wondering if its okay to drink this in my age?

dieters tea

Well i got mines from a letter that my husband use to work with and it is called something like thailands bedeeda..Im hoping the first week to lose 5 pounds and everyweek at least 2-3 i want to be 15 lbs less by may 2nd

3 ballerinas

Just bought a box of the 3 ballerinas i drank 1 cup today but still waiting for my effect. im anxious to lose about 25 pounds so hopefully this does te trick if so im going to recommend it to lots of friends and family.

just got two packs

just got two packs need to loose 12 pounds as soon as possible

3 Ballerina Tea

Hi ,
I love this tea its the 1 and only thing that realy helped me loose weigth .
Thank you for this tea .

Nice review very briefly

Nice review very briefly analyzed. Kratom Thai

dieters tea

I am a new user of this tea and i just used iy for the first time last night and i awoke to bowel movements is this normal and also i want to know how much should i take and h
ow many servings a day thank you.

Weight loss

I'm a 36 year old female who's 5"10" and 180lbs. I'm trying to lose 15 pound before summer. I've been drinking the 3 ballerina tea for 2 weeks as well as doing a little dance workout, lifting weights and eating less. i drink the once at night during the week and on weekends once in day and also at night and I can say that so far I've lost about 8 pounds. My stomach has shrunk enormously and I can see my abs again. thank you 3 ballerina.

It s an awsome tea

I am a healthy guy Who likes to be in shape and working out. My body changed a lot drinking this tea .I lost around 12 pounds in 2 months and of course doing my regular work out and some diet. Before using it my body was no in shape feeling full all time as soon as I started drinking I could see my changes in one week seeing my belly becoming more flat and my stomach as well. So dont waste you time buying a expensive looser weight pills .You should try it. I'm so glad tha I found the easiest herb tea and cheaper


hi im am at a pretty young age, and i am very despreate to loose weight, i am exercising and maybe just a little dieting i was wondering if it is great for looseing weight?? i am very curious and i have been drinking it this is my 2nd time and it takes about 5 hours to start to function but for my family meber who suggested it, she goes within 20 or half-and hour,but its because everyone is diffrent but if anyone knows, what is the best time to drink the tea during the day? and is it possible to loose 20 pounds in a month with the tea and just a little bit exersise? i really need some answers and if anyone could help please do because i am desparate for some answers and advice. And my advice to anyone is try not to depend on the tea once in a while you need to be healthy, diet, and exercise to live a healthy lifestyle. And try to not drink it everyday drink it wisely and with time limit because its not as healthy to drink it all the time. I hope that helped and i hope to recive some answers i know i have alot of questions but you cant be too careful:) thankyou.


im in indonesia
and i wanna buy this tea..
can u shipping to my country?

I can buy this tea for you

If you want this tea I can buy for you and send you to Indonesia, my email is ingris0408@inbox.com

smooth and easy!

Hi my name is Chris. I like many others experienced the stomach cramps. I finally figured it out. I wasn't using enough water. I would always use the standard tea cup or coffee cup which gives you about 5-8oz. of water. That wasn't working for me. So I increased the amount of water using the standard size drinking glass or cup to 10 0z. of water. Talk about relief! I never had another cramp. I also drank plenty of water before drinking the tea and during. I also,watch what I eat. Oh! and please lay off the meats and anything that's not beneficial to your health while drinking the tea. Try it! It really worked for me.

Hi, Thanks for the awesome

Hi, Thanks for the awesome review on 3 Balerina Tea We were wondering if you could write a review on our website 3 Balerina Tea We are trying to find real reviews from people who actually have used and tried this product. Your help will be much appreciated by our readers Norm

Matthew's picture

Balerina Tea Review

Hi Norm,

Thank you for your nice comment. Mary, who wrote this review of the Balerina tea, does not write for weightlosstriumph.com any longer. You can find reviewers who have tried the product on Amazon and you can contact them there as well.

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