101 Workouts for Women Review: Everything You Need to Get a Lean, Strong and Fit Physique

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As a woman who has seen her body dramatically change following child birth and her body confidence plummet at rocket speed the first post-partum year, due to lack of sleep and time to exercise, I am always on the lookout for viable solutions that will help me get back into shape. I am also a book worm, have I mentioned that, and love to work out from the privacy of my own home so books that promise mean exercises and consequent lean body parts would always present a strong appeal to me.

For whom has 101 Workouts for Women been written?

A compilation of workouts inspired by the Muscle and Fitness HERS magazine, the book promises to be a complete go-to, one-for-all fitness program with full illustrations for the 101 workouts featured. The book is bound to attract a wide range of readers from shy mums like me who need constant at-a-glance reassurance that they are doing the right moves and fitness professionals looking to diversify their workout routines; the detailed color illustrations are valuable to both novices and fitness trainers.

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As a flat-tummy and lean-thighs keen pursuer I particularly treasure the fact that the book provides specific exercises for various body parts and that the workouts are neatly structured into chapters like Abs, Arms, Delts, etc. I can easily locate and perform when pressured for time.

What do others say about 101 Workouts for Women?

Of the 57 reviewers an astounding 52 found it extremely useful and classed it as a well-structured, must-go-to fitness Bible due to its detailed illustrations and workouts.

High praise was given by novices and professionals alike since the exercise routines are comprehensible, diverse and precise in the number of sets and exercise routine instructions.

A comfortable level of fitness easily attainable within weeks and an overall toned look is claimed by M. Fenton, one of the reviewers. Diversity of routines, pictures and fitness tips scored high with the reviewers as well as easiness and effectiveness in achieving results in a short space of time.

The general feel is that the book is most useful to people who have a fitness level and routine already as it helps them diversify their workouts and achieve great results, almost as if having a personal trainer, as Merlot, another reviewer states enthusiastically. The opinions were divided on this one, but some readers swore by it as a do-it-at-home reliable fitness routine. Others discouraged its use in a home environment due to the high number of exercise machines used in the routines.

Almost everyone agreed that the book is extremely organised and that it offers a great many workouts structured on categories easy to find. Karen L. is one of the enthusiastic readers that praise the women-appropriate workouts and the extensive training options.

Will 101 Workouts for Women help me lose weight?

It will definitely inspire you to get into a routine that will ultimately help you lose that extra weight! More importantly, it will provide you with a set of exercises designed to tone your body and help you feel great about yourself. It will also enable you to tackle the weight loss as a long term goal and equip you with a variety of routines bound to see you return to that exercise mat time and time again if only to try all the possible variations of a routine.

Lynn M. Swanson, a personal trainer, couldn’t agree more that the book is an inspirational read for women of all fitness abilities.

Although the book doesn’t rate high as a magical lose-weight-quickly tool, it is sensible to believe that anyone whose goal is to lose weight will benefit from its realistically designed training routines and its extensive tips and advice.

Pros and Cons


  • This book was definitely designed with a health-conscious audience in mind. Women who are already familiar with the Muscle and Fitness HERS magazine (that was the initial source of inspiration for the book) or who have been into a fitness routine for a while and are looking to improve their routine, tonus or experience in the gym.
  • The book is clearly structured into “body” chapters that make it user friendly and routine effective. Its instructions are clear and easy to follow by a wide range of readers.
  • It’s unlikely you will get bored. There are really 101 workouts!


  • If you are looking for magical formulas that will help you master an exercise routine overnight then this book is not for you. The emphasis has been placed in an overwhelming amount of reviews on the richness of information, routines and exercises so if you’re a complete novice at this then you would probably need a simplified version of it.
  • It would be better if the book were a spiral bound so that it stays flat open when you look at it during your workout
  • In order to perform the workouts, you need some sort of equipment (barbells, exercise ball, etc).

Is 101 Workouts for Women better than other workout publications?

Only a couple of professional trainers reviewing the book mentioned other similar publications as better than 101 Workouts for Women (like the Ultimate Body Book by Shape Magazine) but their reasons were based neither on a lack of structure nor a deficiency in the quality or correctness of the exercises but rather on the reviewers’ very extensive fitness experience.

Problems and Complaints

There was one legitimate complain though I would like to mention here, as a mum interested in working out from home rather that going to the gym. EBM, one of the reviewers, brought up the issue of gym equipment overuse and the fact that there are many other ways to tone and work out rather than using weights or gym equipment.

A few reviewers found a little distracting the fact that the women in the illustrations are in tiny workout outfits that highlight their bulging (fake?) breasts. Well, while you may never look so fit even if you workout for a million years, I guess they have used these models for a reason: there is a version of the book for men, too!

How does it rate overall?

With only 5 complains out of 57, the book receives a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. It is extensive, well-documented and vividly pictured and will help the discerning reader tone fast. Just don’t expect anything less than a good, sweaty workout!

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

Amazon is the easy answer. You can benefit from their FREE Super Saver Delivery Shipping with orders over $25. You can read more reviews here.

I am doing some workouts and

I am doing some workouts and I have hired a personal trainer for me to do these exercises in a proper way. I am happy to get fit, strong and lean body.

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