10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

If you are among the 93 million Americans who are obese, its time you take an action. After failed attempts to take off the weight, you may have already written yourself off as a case beyond redemption, destined to a fate of living life as an overweight person.

If your weight loss strategies are just not working, there is probably something you’re not doing right. Its time you stop finding excuses for carrying so much extra weight on your body and sincerely try to find out why you can’t lose weight.

Why are you not losing weight?

Shaquita, or “Q” as she likes to be called, helps you get started by listing the most probable 10 reasons you are not losing weight.

Hear out the charming, lovely, young woman whose goal was to go down from a weight of 250 lbs to that of a plus-size model. She wants to be a healthy weight and be beautiful enough being a plus size. She knows what it’s like to be fat and constantly have the urge to eat. She also knows what attitudes you need to change so your body can be as healthy as it naturally wants to be.

Here are a few common problems of the overweight:

1. Too embarrassed to work-out

If you’re not athletic, you might be self conscious to take that first step. Many people avoid the gym or fear really working up a sweat while there because of what other people might think of them. Sure, your first few weeks at the gym are going to be rough and might even be embarrassing, but who are you trying to impress? You are working out for YOU, not for anyone else. If you can’t overcome gym phobia, you should start by working out at home using work out DVDs. It’s a simple way to avoid the crowd while still being pushed.

2. Afraid of ruining your hair-style

If your expensive hairdo is costing you your fitness, you should think about getting an easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

3. Not having enough water

Drink lots of water. Yes, plain water with no flavor. It helps!

4. Procrastination

Another thing to be sure to avoid while striving for a healthier you is procrastination. It’s always easy to believe you do something about your weight tomorrow. However, for many people tomorrow never comes and they stay stuck in the same rut.

5. Be Realistic

Do not get de-motivated watching skinny celebrities on TV that set the bar so high. People often want to give up because it seems impossible to obtain the kind of bodies shown on TV, but you ought to know that those celebrities on the boob tube hire professionals to take care of every drop of fat on their bodies.

6. Unhealthy social life

Having friends is good. But do not let them be an excuse for binge drinking and eating sessions. The more you go out, the more you drink and the more you add to your weight. Don’t forget, alcohol could be your biggest hindrance for weight-loss.

7. Food Therapy for Depression

Sometimes we tend to let others control our emotions, and this affects our weight. For example, dating a guy who isn’t emotionally available may cause depression, which in turn causes comfort eating.

8. Bogus opinions of other people

It’s also important not to let someone else determine your weight. There are also people who lie to your face, telling you that you aren’t fat, even when you’re clearly living in with far too much extra weight. Do not get influenced by anyone who is not living in your body.

9. Too many excuses

So stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something about it. Don’t just be the person who sits at home doing nothing other than watching other people’s happy lives from a distance. Take charge of your life.

10. Can’t afford healthy food

Now, this is clearly the most absurd excuse anyone can make for not adopting a healthy lifestyle. Health food does not require extra money; it only requires a smarter choice.

If you think all that good food, work out sessions, yoga DVDs are going to upset your budget, remember these bills are way smaller than the cost of a bariatric surgery. You’ll save a lot of money on medical expenditures in the long run if you can get your body into better shape at the right time.

In case you think you are beyond the stage of losing weight naturally, you have no choice but to go under the knife. Yes it is expensive! And many head to India or Mexico for affordable bariatric surgery.

If you don’t want to be among those scouting for Gastric Bypass or Lap Band Surgery in Mexico, you should better get up and take action now!

Author Bio: Dr. Deepika Garg – Dentist, an internet enthusiast, who has been involved in web content creation and management for over 5 years. She is the Chief Editor at Mexico Health.

Image: artemisphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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